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Basic Information


There are three versions of the current VSK game:

* VSK5

* VSK5Online

* 32nd America's Cup

VSK5 requires you to pay to download it and will have all the features of the game.

VSK5Online is free to download and you can race online with the VSK5 players but there are some disadvantages:

* Playing Solo offline is disabled. It seems this remains disabled, even if you upgrade the game by paying the fee. So to do this, you need to pay for VSK5 & download it seperately.

* The race editor is disabled (the bit that lets you make your own race maps).

* If you use custom boat skins (your own hull design), then you can see it but the players online do not.

* Same for custom avatars

* There is an increasing delay in getting into the online race lobby, which reaches a maximum of 10 minutes.

32nd America's Cup is the previous version of the game. It can be patched to make it fully compatible with VSK5 and it will have the same features as VSK5, except for the apprearance of the menu screens and the boat skins that come with the game.

The original plans to charge an annual fee seem to have been dropped.

Patches for 32AC and VSK5 (necessary for online play),


The Patch installers are inside zip files. Download the one for your game version, unzip & launch the exe file to install the patch.

32nd America's Cup - Click here

VSK5 (the full game) - Click here

VSK5Online (the free download) - No patch is required for this game

File locations for different game versions


The game has its files in folders in two main locations on your PC. The basic game files are by default placed in your C Drive alongside your Program Files. In Windows Vista, this is

C:\Program Files (x86)\[Your Game Version]

Your personal game files (results, profiles, new boats etc) are placed inside your Documents Folder. In Windows Vista this is

C:\Users\[Your User Name]\Documents\[Your Game Version]

Many of the file locations mentioned in this website relate to the game version *32nd America's Cup", which is the version I use. So the file locations given in the pages of this site will need to be changed if you have another version:

* VSK5 (the full, paid for game)

Replace the '32nd America's Cup' part of folder & file address with 'VSK5'

* VSK5Online (the free download)

Replace the '32nd America's Cup' part of folder & file address with 'VSK5Online'


Reinstalling Virtual Skipper with original game login


If you have paid for the game and have already created a login with VSK5 or 32nd America's Cup, to reinstall the game, it's best to use the original exe file that you have on DVD or have downloaded.

If you cant find the DVD or downloaded installation files, then you can download the free game version and then add your original paid for login to it.

Select and Download the free game if you still know ...

1. Your original login

2. Your password

3. The email address you used at the time you created the login

Then in the launcher, configure the game to use Multiple Profiles and add your original login as a 'new' profile. This will give you full functionality with your original game identity.

If you have some but not all of the info, then try a mail to and ask for help, including the info that you do remember.



Successful hosting needs a stable fast (Broadband/adsl) internet connection.  Use a wired connection rather than Wi-fi.

You need to change the settings of your Router in order to allow hosting - this is called 'Port Forwarding'. VSK info comes and goes via ports 2350 and 3450. You need to tell the router to direct traffic on these ports to go to your computers IP address - this is the 'Local' IP address and it's different from the Router's own IP address.

Port Forwarding:

Each make of router has slightly different ways to do this. It's done via the web admin page of the Router. Some routers will recognise your computer by name. Others require that you tell the router the local IP address of the computer. If you need to tell the router the IP address, you will need make this address static, so that it does not change - otherrwise, the address will change each time to restart the computer.

You can find instructions for Port Forwarding at

a great site for help with this.

I made a tutorial video showing Port Forwarding for a BT Home Hub router. In this example, I have been able to identify the computer by name, so I haven't needed to make the Local IP address static. Other Routers will forward ports to the computer by using the IP address and in this case you will need to make the Local IP address Static .

Fix your graphics in game



Graphics Problems with new Systems


Problems with the VSK Graphics have been reported by VSK Players when they bought new PCs or Graphic Cards. Also this has happened when new Graphic drivers or Windows 10 has been installed. A solution has been finally found, thanks to 'Raskil' who posted several helpful posts on the official Nadeo VSK forum. The following information is taken from posts made by 'Raskil' on this forum. The topic can be found here ...

Uploading - how to make sure your skin is seen


Once you've got your new skin, sometimes other players report that they can't see it in the game.   This can be very discouraging after all your hard work!     Possible reasons include:

1  Bug in Game.   There is a bug in VSK5 which intermittently stops you seeing the other boats' skins.   The solution is to press the ESC key twice (you will cycle through the game menu by doing this).   The skins will then appear.

2  Not enough time.   It can take a long time for your skin to appear online in a race.   This depends on the size of the file and the connection speeds of all concerned.   It also may depend on whether your bandwidth is being used to download other players' skins.   There also may be an issue if all the players inthe race are having to download your skin.   Dont assume the worst unless a few long races (30 minutes) go by with no-one seeing the skin.  It may yet appear.   If time is the only problem, then this can be improved by using a Locator File.

3  Game Configuration.  Go to the Launch Window and selectconfiguration/advanced/connection.  Check that in the Peer to Peer section there is a tick in the box to activate the upload.

Click the thumbnails to see the settings in my config, which seem to work ok.

Coloured Instrument Set


Click the picture and download

the installer. Save it & then run it. When you run the installer, you will be asked to select which version of VSK that you have on your PC.

Note: This installer will put the files in the default game version location on your C: drive, so if you have installed the game on another drive or location, you will have to retrieve the files & move them to your custom location.

Puff & Lull:

You can make the wind puffs & lu


ls on the water more obvious by changing the contrast in the file that controls this.   You will find this file in the folder  Program Files \ Your Game Version\ GameData \ Common \ Media \ Texture \ Image.


Click here or the image above to download an installer for the new Puff & Lull file.   This file was updated 20th April 2013.


With some computers (Laptops it seems), the Puffs & Lulls dont display well with this changed file. If you want to return to the original Nadeo File, then download the following installer which will replace the new one with the original file.


Click here to download an installer for the new Puff & Lull file.

Having a Coloured Name

Go to the Settings page in VSK5 and place the cursor just in front of your Nickname.   Type $02F in front of your nickname and then click the mouse anywhere else on the screen.   You will see that your nickname is now blue.   This method can be used to change the colour and format of your name, not only on your PC but also as seen by others in the Multiplayer lists online.

Use the following codes to format your nickname:

$i: italic

$s: shadowed

$w: wide spacing

$n: narrow spacing

$m: normal setting

$g: default color

$t: changes the text to capitals

$z: reset all

$$: to write a "$"

Use the following codes to control the colour.

The three characters after the $ each have the ability to have a value from 0 to f (0123456789abcdef).

The first character represents the red color, the second green and the third blue.

For example:

$000   black

$f00   red

$0f0   green

$00f   blue

$ff0    yellow

$f80   orange

$f0f    pink

$0ff    light blue

$888   grey

$fff     white

For example, to write 'My Nickname' with "My" in italic and "Nickname" in large red, you should type $iMy $z$w$f00Nickname

This will produce  MyNickname

How to see the Polars & Windshadows

If you look at the 1st page of Settings / Inputs, you will see that pressing Keys 8 & 9 will let you see 'Boat Curves' (Polar Diagram) and 'Wind Shadow'. 

In fact you can't see these during solo or online play.   

To see them you need to go to Editors and then Edit or Create a Race. 

Once you have a course with at least a start & finish lines and four or more players, you should click on Play and you will then find that the keys for Boat Curves & Wind Shadows work in this mode.

Cancelling Penalties in online races

This system was introduced with the arrival of 32nd America's Cup & it continued into VSK5. It was intended to help when the VSK judge gets it wrong when awarding a pen.  So if both players were sure that an error had been made, they could agree to cancel it.  Of course it is difficult for a player to be clear-headed & unbiased about his/her own penalty, so some hosts do not allow Pen Cancels. If the race is 'NPC', (in the server name or as announced by the host in the chat), it means that the host does not want penalties cancelled and he may kick players who ask for a cancellation.


The keys to ask for & decide about Pen Cancels are :

C - Ask for cancellation of Penalty

Z - Agree to cancellation of Penalty

X - Refuse cancellation of Penalty.

P - Protest (used to ask VSK for judgement, if pens are set to manual mode - this is not common)

You can see & alter these keys in the settings/inputs menu in the game


An avatar is a small image which you choose to represent you during the races.

In the Settings menu, Click on the avatar at the top right of the screen to display the available avatars. Then, click on the avatar of your choice.

It is also possible to add your own avatar to the game by placing the appropriate files in the folder My Documents>Your Game Version> Skins>Avatars.

Use files with .dds or .jpg extensions (128x128 pixels) that are less than 8 KB in size.

Incident Replays find the incident on a VSK Replay

VSK saves every race as a replay automatically. It over-writes these saves every time you launch the game, so if you know you will want to examine a replay, save it under its own name during the game, via the escape key menu. If you want to find the name of the most recent Autosave, then you can find them here:

C:\Users\{your name}\Documents\{your game version}\Tracks\Replays\Autosaves.

Launch the game & use the Menus:- Editors / Replays / Replays /

You will see the replays you have saved during play & the folder for the Auto-saves.

Select a replay's name and then [Edit]. This will start the replay screen :

You can click & drag the Timeline Slider to arrive at the part

of the race you want to see.

Click on the Boat Names icon if you want to see them.

Hold the right mouse button down to swing view around.

Zoom using the mouse wheel.

Use the Arrow keys and Page Up and Page Down keys to move your viewpoint to the best place.

Click on the Play icon to watch the action.

Press the TAB key to expand the game window.

Restore the menus by pressing TAB again.

Downloading Skins - General Advice

Once you have downloaded the skin, you need to put it into the correct folder before you can use it. The skins are in a zip file and you should not unzip the skin file - place the zipped file in the folder. Each boat type has its own folder...

Originals : Acc, Melges, Offshore & Multi

VSK 5 keeps its skins for the boat models that come with the game in the following folder for the Acc boat: Program Files\[Your Game Version]\GameData\Skins\Boats\Acc.   It has folders for the other boats at the same location, called Melges, Multi & OffShore.

Although you can place downloaded Acc skin zip files in the same folder as the Nadeo originals, it is better to create a place for them in the game folder in your Documents section.   So navigate to Documents\[Your Game Version]\Skins\Boats and make a new folder called Acc to put the Acc skins in. Make similar new folders called Melges, Multi & OffShore for the others.

3rd Party Models

The skins for 3rd party models, added after you have installed the game are kept in a folder in My Documents.  For example, the Orma skins are placed in Program Files\[Your Game Version]\GameData\Skins\Boats\Orma.    Other models will be in similar folders of their own.

Once you have your skins installed, you can select them in the Settings/Boats/{boatname} menu in the game.

Notes on how to download New Models

Usually when you download a new model from a website, you get an .exe file, which is the installer. Just put it on your PC wherever you normally put downloads, so that you can find it again easily.

Sometimes this installer exe file is inside a zip file which will need unzipped before you can run the installer.

Once you have the installer .exe file, run it by double clicking the icon and it will offer to install the boat to a default folder.   

This will probably be My Documents\32nd America's Cup on your C drive - which is the correct place for most players who have 32nd America's Cup game, with or without the patch.  Accept this default and the installer will put the boat model and any associated skins in their correct place on your PC without you having to do anything manually. If you are using VSK5 or VSK5online, then the folder names will be different and you will have to make sure the correct ones are shown in the installer - browse to the folder in your documents which is called 'VSK5' or 'VSK5Online'.

Note: the installer will make a folder 'Boats' in your game folders under 'Documents'. You do not have to create this folder manually or find it yourself. The installer will put the files there by itself, so long as you have made sure the game version is correct in the desination window of the installer.

Help- I cant find the Boat!

If you cant find the boat model in the game it's very likely that it's not in the correct folder. The installer will have a default folder selected (often 32nd America's Cup) and you will need to change this to your game version in one of the installer's windows during installation. You can confirm where the boat file has gone by browsing to your Documents Folder & looking for the boat file under the three possible locations (32nd America's Cup, VSK5 and VSK5Online).

To download auto map click here.

Copy and paste the text in notepad , save as an ahk file and then run in hot key

For it to work in VSK run the AutoHotkey as any other hotkey

Make intro for map help video

( Made by Camster / Sandy )

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Coloured Instrument Set


Click the picture and download the installer. Save it & then run it. When you run the installer, you will be asked to select which version of VSK that you have on your PC.

Note: This installer will put the files in the default game version location on your C: drive, so if you have installed the game on another drive or location, you will have to retrieve the files & move them to your custom location.


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